Bear Cubs & Swimming Moose in Glacier National Park

Seeing Glaciers in-person you can certainly have a greater appreciation for their purpose. Temperatures were cold but it didn’t stop construction on roads causing traffic to get clogged.

We had to fly into Washington then take a road trip over to Glacier National Park. Arriving during the day after some midnight driving our immediate picturesque moment was seeing Bears.

The hiking was not strenuous so if you are a hiking enthusiast like me you’ll be slightly let down. We did manage to hike up steep mountains to get an aerial view of the park, which turned out to be very beautiful. Overall, I enjoyed visiting here – there was so much to do: hike, gain weight on the yummy waffles and buffet-style breakfast, spend an hour trying to capture a lightning strike on camera (of course the photo is missing, ugh – If I do find i will post), see hidden waterfalls, kayak while seeing a swimming moose, or you can do like this one guy did ski from the top of a steep cliff on a glacier (the last two pics). I was so stunned like others we didn’t capture this in real-time…such a bummer. I’ll let you look at some of the nice shots we took.

Rental Property: A No Show & A Peek-a-boo Hiding House Sitter

Here’s an image for thought. I drove to I guess the southwest side of Chicago. I was so eager to go until I drove up and the agent tells me the owner wants to sell the building for little of nothing, jut take it off my hands he said. I thought hmm. Well, my grandma was with me this time and boy her looks said it all. LOL.

The worst part about it, never got the chance to look inside because one pretended to not know visitors were coming and looked disheveled while the other person never came out because they were too busy enjoying their hallucinations.

Peek-a-boo House Sitter

Never imagined I would walk through a Chicago house that is empty and looks as such but really when you start walking around inside to view the premises – you happen to find what looks to be like two bedrooms. But so odd the doors would be closed. Well, someone was hiding inside.

It was awkward because I think I had already made lewd comments about the place after walking in but now I couldn’t say anything. And who turns a basement that has a very big street like sewer hole with a cover into a bedroom. Thank god I am goofy because these places break my heart and really crack me up.

Crown Heights

#crownheights #LakeithStanfield #BrianTyreeHenry 

Watery eyes the moment a kid was found guilty of a murder he did not commit. Even sadder that he spent decades in prison maintaining his innocence but his brother never gave up. With perseverance his brother’s conviction was overturned and set free. I recommend watching this and it’s available on Netflix. And if you haven’t I recommend watching… Continue reading “Crown Heights”

Instant Family

Instant Family Movie
#InstantFamilyMovie #MarkWahlberg #RoseByrne

I enjoyed this movie. Hilarious and sarcastic heavy.

This movie takes you through the journey of 2 perfect people who want to become parents by adopting a child. Unfortunately, the one child they liked and had a connection with actually had 2 younger siblings. Boy, they were a handful.


Continue reading “Instant Family”


#miawasikowska #piercing

Besides this movie moving a bit low – the actor was poisoned and let’s just say there was desired S&M that never took place but only in hallucination. There was a headless bug that also crawled inside him during this hallucination. And a woman hired to be an escort turned out to be more crazier than the wanna be serial killer actor who met his match and was tortured I’m assuming as payback for initially wanting to do the same to her.

The Favourite

3 women grouped together for a photo

Well this was odd. Although the main character was just as funny as she was accepting her Oscar award, which made me even more eager to watch this – the storyline was quite different than what I expected.

Be ready my friends for a queen with a hidden lesbian-thirst. I thought the movie would be similar to the funny Love & Friendship starring Kate Beckinsale but not quite. The movie was focused on a young bisexual, eager to out desire the current love interest of the queen for power all while manipulating and making the queen immobile and mentally inequipped to make decisions. How exhausting…

Rolling in Deep Summer Fun turned Winter Workwear Casual

Nothing like a little Adele to get your energy flowing before the start of your day.

Simple casual piece with vibrant colors from a casual orange pants paired with a grey top and amazingly adorned with manolo blahnik polka dot shoes.

Ensuring you stay warm and still dress appropriate for the season – just simply add a cardigan to make it a transition piece from summer to winter.

What Type of Real Estate Investor Do You Want to Be?

There’s different types of real estate investors: Landlords, Flippers and those who buy and hold. But who do you want to be? We will only discuss Landlords to save on reading time 🙂  Continue reading “What Type of Real Estate Investor Do You Want to Be?”

Pt 2. My Completed & Full Book Review

I thoroughly enjoyed reading “Becoming”. It was fulfilling as it left me with ideas and questions to ponder, but most of all her joking and caring personality poured off the pages while reading her story. She took us from her childhood all the way to leaving the white house.

Her story shed light on her close knit family and her early observation of their neighborhood changing, which triggered her mom to have a talk with the principal to move Michelle up a grade when a teacher was failing to appropiately teach her along with a few other kids who were all more advanced and competed against one another academically.

One Note: I find it amazing to have read that they do have to pay for their own food and some other expenses since some of the food they ate such as sushi was flown in from overseas. I also got a chuckle out of reading that one of the staffers made sure Michelle received a copy of Jet magazine each month to maintain her sense of normalcy.

If you haven’ check out my more in-depth review to give you the highlights. I also show one of the pictures inserted inside the book. Be on the lookout for my next book review!

Bloopers At Work

I don’t know about you but don’t you hate it when you lock the bathroom door behind you just to find it has crept back open while some one is washing their hands at the sink bowl…DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF YOU.

And you go to lock it back tightly as if you didn’t do that the first time and now its safely secured and correctly locked in position. Oh Boy!!