2 Hours of Dull Horror & Pet Sematary Review

Ok this is a slight rant/review…

I’ve been watching a number of movies lately.

And a good portion of them I wonder, didn’t we see this already? And then someone reminds me…Um, no, these just got released today, it’s new.

And as the somewhat dull movie continues on, I think, well jeesh, this should be over soon. But when I reach to press pause all these ridiculous movies are clocking in at 2 hours long.

Is it just me or has that become the new norm, because an hour or hour and a half seemed to be the max, but not anymore.

I’m watching Pet Cemetery and it is certainly a thriller.

I always add a bit of theatrics while watching a movie, which probably makes it a bit more entertaining. Yelling, cringing, slapping my leg and predicting what will happen next…can’t help it.

Anyway this movie will do that to you. It moves at a really good pace. And I also find it funny how the husband appeared scared when checking to hear what noise was coming from the dark room.

This movie received mixed reviews, but this is the most action I have seen in a horror movie recently.

This family moved to the country to be closer and spend more time with each other, since the husband is a doctor. Of course you know what happened – they’re in the woods, nothing but scary, predictable, horror mayhem. A demon possessing the family. There’s much that goes on in this movie so try to pay attention.

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