A Venetian Night Full of Sweat & Callus Hands from A Gas Push Mower

OMG it took forever and of course you know which onlookers came out to observe. My Nosey Neighbors!!! Not once, not twice, not even three times BUT FOUR times guys!!

It was urgent alright and a freaking emergency in the words of foreigner!

I went out of town to visit my grandma and the grass reached so tall it was embarrassing to come back home to it.

I remember before I left my nosey neighbor said “You should hire a lawn service.” I said, no I actually want to cut the grass and have done it before – why spend the extra money.

Ugh well anyway before I left it had been raining and there was all this talk about who and when will grass get cut.

I was so stressed about everything else I left. Anyway I returned and of course none of the lawn service companies answered the phone and didn’t return my calls.

I bought a lawn mower and silly me I didn’t know it was in the $200 and up price. Luckily I found one on sale. I was actually mad I had to spend that much, asked my mom could I just buy one of those punny looking lawn mowers back from the 50s, she laughed.

Anyway it came down to a self-push mower or a gas push. Well, after a 5 minute persuasion from the associate at Menard’s, I chose the cheapest because all I could think was what was going to cost me the least.

I bought it and first of all who knew I had to put this thing together.

It was me and my mom standing there like goofs reading a manual with a race against the rain that was coming and of course everyone and their mama was driving by like it was a venetian night.

After about maybe 20 minutes or so because there was a few things to setup I got to mowing.

Ha! Piece of cake I thought. NO. It kept cutting off because the grass was so tall it was too much. So there was a method I had to use basically changing the height when I move toward and away from the grass.

Well, needless to say it got done but left with grass clippings all over the grass. Not even mowing over it helped, it just shifted the location of it. SO then I had to rake – I finished with a small pile of glass clippings because I ran out of bags. I was done.

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