Book Review: The Pay Off Can Take Years, But Great Dreams Require Hard-work & Constant Nourishment

I believe in following your passion, heck that is what I am doing. It doesn’t come easy, certainly never does for me.

But what is even more inspiring is hearing Jeff Kinney’s story, the author of Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

He loved drawing and wanted to ultimately have his character published. And every time he would take on other jobs or careers they only became a distraction for his true calling.

It took him 8 years of dedicated writing and perfecting before it turned into a masterpiece he could pitch.

Bt it seemed while some of the doors were shut or constructive advice was given along the way, they all seemed to help him become a better creator.

Jeff never gave up and it just so happen when attending a comic-con that was sold out on it’s first day, exempting him from entering. He was able to attend the 2nd day after deciding to stick around for a concert the evening of that first night and head home tomorrow instead.

After introducing himself at various tables, he was advised he might be better off speaking to a gentleman who ultimately led to publishing his successfully series with a few adapted into a movie.

Jeff is right and hearing his story makes you realize we all have a certain path we must take and hopefully we know which is correct. But I do agree that obstacles are there for a reason, whether to strengthen our character, mind – it serves as a purpose for providing a teachable moment that we will need to use now or later.

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