Breaking from No-Chip to Rest Nail Growth

So I’ve come to realize there might be an art to growing long nails. One time they had gotten to such a good length one of my actual nails started to hurt and I couldn’t imagine why. So I immediately got them cut and had the No-Chip removed thinking maybe I had hit it too hard and it was turning black, but that wasn’t the case. Still don’t know why it happened. The art to growing your nails seems to be a balance between protection and relaxation. Meaning protect and strengthen with no chip but then rotating in between to give it a break so it can breathe and experience growth without the added coats of polish.

Your nails should be able to shine and look nice on their own. So the next time I get my nails done they will be regular polish because I’m at my 2nd stint with No-Chip 2 months in a row. And Ironically, I’ve been careful, not on purpose, just unknowingly freely moving without any intervention to prevent my nails from chipping. Here’s what they look like now.

Funny thing is I absolutely loved this color but it was too light so the technicians had to add a darker green as a base coat before applying the lighter green that I really wanted. It worked out well.

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