BrittanyKnows Career: #5 Tips to Build a Relationship with Your Manager

Working with a manager or boss can have its challenges. But coming from someone who is a manager I like to think we expect the same things that you would expect from a best friend, or a repairmen.

We all know a company, and team needs efficiency when it comes to completing projects. But in order to strive for efficiency you need a team of employees who are independent and flexible to adapt to changes.

Build Trust

We all want to work with someone we can trust because at the end of the day we all must depend on each other. And if you are someone bad mouthing your boss, especially to close allies of theirs it doesn’t set a good presence.

Be a Problem-Solver

We all appreciate those who make us aware of critical issues but even better if you can also already identify a solution in order to accelerate the amount of time to resolve and continue work progression.

Make Manager Aware of Issues Early On

You wouldn’t want someone to tell you at the very last minute a building is burning leaving you no change to escape or advise a plan for one. Same with managers. The sooner we know of an issue the quicker we can determine how to resolve to save the state of the project and avoid any launch delays or potential costs.

Get to Know your Manager on a Personable Level

It’s always easier to work with people with whom you can relate or where you’ve identified common interest. And it’s always easy to do so by simply asking: What did you do this weekend? Or asking about their kids. Sometimes peeling the onion layer can expose those similarities especially if your kids happened to go to the same school.

By connecting your manager on a personable level you could be at the top of the mind for a new project or considered for something better because not only do they recognize your hard work but they formed a relationship with you.

Be Flexible

No one wants to work long hours but when a project has a due date of “Yesterday” it usually means it’s an urgent matter that requires attention and a quick turn around.

When your furnace stops working and you have to deal with cold temperatures you expect a repairmen to come our right away and service your furnace back to working. Same with a job we have the same expectation as you would turned around. But the key is you have to communicate the reason WHY you can’t complete the task in time.

Maybe there’s resources (human or technology related) you need in order to help expedite the request. Keeping quiet an saying no won’t help you attain that, but speaking up and identifying what is needed because sometimes a manager may not be aware in that moment makes it all the better. This will then allow you to negotiate for more time or ensure you are getting the help you need so the job is done in a good manner.

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