BrittanyKnows Update: Having Mentors

It is certainly not easy being an entrepreneur – no matter what it entails.

I’ve been quite busy these days trying to create a backlog of content and videos and improving the look and content of my video posts.

What works, what doesn’t resonate with the audience. At the same time – also attempting to revamp my website which is why it says under construction if you have been to the home page.

What else can I say? Luckily I have 2 mentors. Hopefully meeting them again in the next few days can help me centralize my focus and plan. So far they have been raising questions or situations I hadn’t thought about yet. Next up is to set deadlines for when to continue a certain path or idea or cut it completely.

2 thoughts on “BrittanyKnows Update: Having Mentors

  1. Its very good to have mentor, they can see things your cant and to have 2 of them is double awesome..

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