Camping Trip: Returned to Michigan – Kayaking Union Bay

I must say, I was praying my hair would hold up to take some good pictures. Luckily I managed to squeeze a few in.

So here we are on the road again – a 6 hour drive up north and the weather did not disappoint. In fact, we experienced 70 degree weather on the water and 80 degrees on land.

The highlight was the two pictures listed below, the sky view. Even clearer and beautiful in person. At one point everything looked white with a touch of pink hues. It was hard to pack up and return to our tent at the end of the day.

We hoped to take next day to kayak but we were rained out and left early to drive back home.

Another touching note was that we heard bullfrogs and a bird all singing a medley in sync with the lightning bugs flickering their lights. It was the most coolest thing to witness at midnight while also getting a clear view of the milky way just the night before heading back home.

I hope we can make our way up again before the summer ends!

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