I was never that interested in riding on a boat unless it was action packed and amazing like what you see in the movies. But for a few years now I’ve come to like the peace, and tranquil surrounding that comes with being on a boat. Everything is calm and you just sit back and enjoy the scenery, life and nature.

I enjoy the nature side because if you pay close attention the various unimportant things that once went unmattered now seems important. Like watching eagles protect their young on a nest egg by calling out funny sounds, or turtles sunbathing on tree bark before scurrying under water when you pass. I enjoy this side of it and even more so today with being on this boat in Florida it felt a tad different from being on a kayak I guess because you can move at lightning speed at the drop of a hat.

Seeing dolphins is always a real treat – such innocent, smart and friendly creatures sharing this beautiful body of water with you.

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