Checklist: Things to Remember If you have any leak

Keep this handy so if you ever run into a leak issue of some kind and the damage is out of your control or ability to cover, here’s what you should consider:

#1 Turn the water valve off

It’s a good idea to know where this is located ahead of time. Turn the main water source off and the water directly under the toilet from out of the wall. That way there is no chance fo the leak to continue.

# 2 Keep evidence of replaced pipes onsite

You worked hard to find a plumber so the last thing you want to do is be in a rush to clear out the trash and throw the evidence away. So keep it until the insurance adjuster shows up so they can properly inspect and determine cause and your clearance of cause.

#3 File a claim immediately in order to have an insurance adjuster inspect

You will want to call your insurance so a claim can be filed and have a representative assigned to you. The sooner you do this the quicker the repair process will become completed. Once you are informed of an insurance adjuster being assigned to you they will give you a call to schedule time to come out. You will want to explain to them what happened, and provide them with pictures of receipts and the repair work completed.

#4 If living in condo contact HOA

If you live in a condo or own a condo or complex where there are other units in the same building inform your property manager/HOA immediately. Because depending on if you own you will need to provide the with the claim number, your insurance contact information and any direct email and phone number of your claim representative.

Certainly if you don’t own you will just need to contact your owner.

#5 Make sure any bylaws and certificate of insurance is provided to your insurance company

If you live in a condo you will need to provide bylaws so they can understand what your HPA is responsible for. Otherwise if this is a place you own outright you shouldn’t need to provide this – your own insurance will know what is covered or not based on your monthly or yearly premium.

#6 Call Service Master/ServePro to schedule water mitigation

This just means you need to have someone call out to dry out your drywall if the water reached the wall and caused moisture along the wall.

#7 Find a contractor to install and paint new drywall

You would think service master could do both water mitigation and the repair work but not exactly, at least it needs to be scheduled separately. And you aren’t required to use them either but for me it just make things quicker since they will already know the issue. What this step means is they will dry out the location with moisture with humidifiers. See my other article on what they look like.

#8 Have plumber re-install toilet and you’re done.

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