Confessions of a Winter Weight Gainer

I have a confession, this winter I have been eating a ton of ice cream. My favorite being Dunkin’ Donuts Jamoca Almond Fudge or ColdStone Creamery Coffee Lovers Only. But the time has come to get back in gear and loose this extra weight.

You’d think that after my 3-month skincare nightmare I would have stopped eating ice cream but no it did nothing to change my intake frequency. In fact, heres how my face once looked.

I know a mess right! And I tried everything and nothing worked. I even researched YouTube videos to hear others experience and that is when I came across an online doctor site, YoDerm. I was really skeptical and nervous. But I received a treatment plan that worked. Of course my acne was due to a reaction from my large intake of Dairy products. I did cut out some other things from my diet but not ice cream. It’s a good stress-reliever, OK.

So I plan to run like I did back in my high-school and college days, because that is what help me lose my weight the quickest so I can then maintain it by not over eating and eating mainly fish, fruits and vegetables. This is the regimen I go through each year. It is not like I weigh a lot that is very true. But shhhh, I’m way over 120. It’s a lot for me. My Motivation – I don’t want to buy new clothing sizes that will then become too big. So here we go – I’m ready for the workouts to begin. 🙂

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