De-stressing My Way to Mississippi: Peace, livestock and a Calming Mind

Took a trip down to the south because I need to de-stress with all the changes I am looking to make. And of course, as impatient as I am it’s not happening fast enough.

By now I should be a few pounds lighter but I am struggling to find an alternative stress outlet than ice cream.

So, here I am, in Mississippi and you guessed it, I made sure to buy a pack of ice cream bars. But at least I know being down here with my grandmother will keep me extremely busy.

The ride down went extremely fast, mainly because we were listening to my audio book.

It’s kind of funny – I remember watching a special on CNBC about this former football player, Martellus Bennett, who essentially collected and formed a library of books in his home and mentioned his found interest of reading helped him create a business he ended up forming…it was centered around writing children’s book and selling children products. They looked pretty neat when I checked out his website.

Well, the same has been happening with me of course, fueling this creative thinking that I didn’t know would unveil itself.

It’s one thing to take a vacation to somewhere you have never been but this one is different because there’s less planning involved. I can just bring myself to a location and simply relax without worry and THAT is something we could all use once in awhile to clear our heads.

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