Did You Just Call me Ma’am – Sir? Proper Name vs A Mean Sounding Title

I don’t know about you but hearing someone call me by that irks me. Hearing those words, I instantly think its termed for a specific age group or individual.

Or worst of all, someone who is really fed up with you. Picture this in a crowded airport – “SIR! You can not go over there.” “Ma’am, wait your turn.”

Does that sound friendly to you? No, and you normally go from the proper name to a SIR or Ma’am when that individual is going against your direction.

So much to my surprise it happened to me, and it wasn’t even in person.

It was through a support chat.

This technician was resolving some issue with my laptop and went from asking questions without stating my proper name to then calling me MA’AM.

I addressed him with SIR. And said listen, I’m not a ma’am and in fact my actual name is brittany and that is all I wish to be addressed by.

Glad I got that cleared up and he committed to fixing my computer.

Do any of you feel the same way? How often are you ever called Ma’am or Sir?

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