Easy Tips on How-To Prepare For Your 1st Day On the Job

Great Tips for a college graduate or professional starting their first job or transitioning to a new one on how to prepare for the first day!

1. Reward Yourself

Doing so will help build your confidence and help you put your best foot forward to make the best impression to your new team. Not only that, you outsmarted and out interviewed everyone you were up against. That deserves a thumbs up. By implying buying yourself something or even going out to dinner you are acknowledging your hard work, which will help frame your attitude and mindset on the first day.

2. Have a Pen and Notepad

So many people fail to do this simple step. But by doing so you are showing you are ready to engage and understand the information you need to perform your job. If you are invited to a meeting that is crucial to your role how will you remember the conversation and tasks unless you jot it down on paper. Employers love this trait about a new hire so if you don’t have one just ask them right away.

3. Be Ready to Put in Work 

Be ready to work longer hours or start earlier in order for you to quickly grasp and effectively contribute to the project(s). Doing so gives the impression you are flexible and ready to help the company and team complete their project on time.

4. Identify Allies and Build Relationships Early On

It is very important to build relationships and identify colleagues you might have a connection with. You can do this by simply asking them when they started working at the company and why they chose to work at the company and what they like to do outside of work. This works all the time and you’ll be able to build trust and a supporter for when you might need help on a project or having challenges with another employee.

5. Be Assertive

Make your expertise known and engage in conversations. Don’t be aggressive but assert yourself in ways the can provide solutions and help others.

6. Take a Deep Breath and Calm Down

Relax, we know starting a nw job seems foreign because you never met or worked that the company you were just hired by. But relax you now have the job just so be yourself and get excited to start your new exciting path!

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