Traveling is wonderful but the buildup requires alot of work.

In fact, even though I’m quite experienced in this area I still come across hiccups I could have prevented with a bit more foresight and due diligence.

One of them being my washer machine. This appliance came with the house and I have come to the conclusion that there’s some things you can test and know right away it doesn’t work and other times unless you are closely monitoring daily you won’t know especially before buying a home.

The washer machine stopped working in the middle of a cycle and these arms had to turn into a mop ringer for 5 heavy towels. Break in-between were needed lol.

Not wonderful when trying to pack lol.

Here are some tips I always keep at the top of my list to prepare for traveling:

1. Put Mail On Hold

You dont want others to know you will be away for a long period so simple go to the USPS website and they will hold and deliver on your return date.

2. Charge all Battery Appliances

I can’t tell you how long this take if you don’t remember to do this in advance. My iPad can take hours to reach a full battery since it’s an older model. Same with batteries for cameras, so be mindful or you’ll be stuck hunting for the very limited outlets available in the airport.

3. Lean On Your Kind-Hearted Neighbor

If you have a kind and honest neighbor, ask them to hold any packages you expect to be delivered while you are gone. This way you won’t have to worry of it getting wet or it being “mistankingly” taken from your doorsteps.

4. Remove Garbage

If you’re like me and your garbage run falls on a day you will be away I recommend clearing out garbage bags and taking it out to the trash bins. The last thing you want is for a rotten smell to bring you dark and scary insects when walking through the door.

5. Pack a Few Garbage & Ziplock Bags

May be foreign to some if you swear by needing a washer and dryer. But sometimes you may not have one nearby so garbage bags come in handy to store muddy clothes or to separate the clean from dirty when travel living out of a suitcase.

Ziplock bags are also handy when you can’t bring large liquid containers on the plane and you need to take smaller chunks of vitamin pills, q-tips or of course protect your phone for those fun water adventures.

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