Fragility & Thrown Into the Fire: Choosing to Take 1 Step at a Time

It’s a pink & blue day and this is one of my most casual and comfy outfits yet by Ann Taylor Loft. I took this pose because even though I am a little stressed I have to start with 1 foot forward. We all do, 1 step at a time. Because I can’t control everything. But I can choose my approach to handle situations. Between work, real estate and everything BrittanyKnows weh, I am so happy it is friday!

Life is so funny because if you pay close attention you really begin to learn and become exposed to all sorts of reality and truth.

All the imperfections and mistakes one might make, the effects of intense stress levels, the rapid movement of one’s mind when in a fragile or frantic state.

In some ways more than 1 I somewhat experienced these all in one day.

Being thrown into the fire makes you prepare rather quickly for what to expect especially if you want to run a business. Luckily this is at a minuscule level right now.

I observe and listen to others a lot, even when they think I am not. Because it really has proven to be this unspoken mentor guidance that has greatly helped me and is contained in a subconscious level, resurfacing only when my mind and body feels it is important to utilize.

I am very happy we are approaching the weekend but that I am also learning fast.

Anytime money is involved it can make you crazy because everyone is looking at the situation from their own perspective: those financially impacted, those with no vested interest but to make money, those with no pure intent to have your “Best” interest.

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