From Pokemon to InstaStyle: Reading My Way to Building a Following for BrittanyKnows

Reading a book with a pokemon shirt

I like to laugh a lot! I was even goofier in high school and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

I only say that to say – starting I have to find and receive that humor, it keeps me going really!

But even more so, I never realized how much time I had lost with really staying on the relevant side.

It’ weird because you grow up to finish high school, spend a ton of money attending college unless you scoured through pages of scholarship entries to receive any assistance, get a job, travel, buy a home and save like never before.

Well, I have been doing that. Yet so focused on the adult things like traveling, career and saving I sometimes forget my softer and younger side. Because no matter how old we become we all still have that in us somewhere.

Well, look at me, a Pokemon Go catcher now reading about how to use Instagram to build a following.

Just months and years ago I didn’t bat an eye at it. I barely used Facebook because I just didn’t want to publicly announce everything I was doing and there’s always a jealous bunch out there- sitting quietly with a mean stare on the other side of that posted picture, ha.

Well, I still have some people who keep asking what is it I am trying to do as they phrase it. Well, I don’t like to tell every little thing, only when necessary.

But for now I’m having fun. I have my ups and downs like everyone else. Everything takes time. And luckily I have that and setting timetables for when things should happen.

I also don’t catch anymore pok√©mon. It was a bad habit I eventually let dissipate. I’ve now graduated to Instagram! Lol.

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