Front Load Washer: What You Should Do If Water Won’t Drain Until It’s Repaired

Before I left for vacation my washer decided to stop working. It would just randomly fill up with water a day or two after washing.

I couldn’t figure it out. I tried testing different scenarios to see where the water was coming from but nothing made sense.

I called customer support and of course the first step was to drain the water that is inside the washer. But of course! I was thinking. How could you without it creating a pool of water on the floor.🤨

I drained the water from a pump I pulled out from behind the bottom panel door as I was instructed and that was the only option I saw. Of course water got everywhere. I had to use a flat food pan made of aluminum to catch the water coming from a pump that practically sits on a floor.

Fast forward 3 weeks later, my technician said the pump stopped working and he went to the same panel door but pulled out a tiny hose to drain the water.

I was kind of mad because all I could think was where did this hose come from? Was it really there all this time?

And the technician also showed me the water valve to turn off the water to keep water from going inside the washer.

Why didn’t I think of that? Ugh.

Well, I’m waiting for the replacement part and then back to normal washing.

It would be better to get a brand new one but I wasn’t ready for one just yet.

What type of washer do you have, have you had the same issue?

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  1. i have a upload washing and it stop spin and my clothes did not get dry. I found out the spinner stop working because the senor stop working. Had to take the washing apart to replace this small sensor omg if i would have had someone to do it for me it would have cost a fortune.

    1. Wow you were able to figure it out and save money. I wish I had been able to fix mine but there’s 3 to 4 parts that need to be ordered and replaced. It’s nice you saved money so that if it happens in the future you also know how to fix it! Nice!

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