Geologist Dives 20ft To Prevent A Costly Lockout In the Hot Sun

Ha, funny title huh? Well, it’s about as true as it can get.

Looked forward to a day of kayaking, even took pictures about it ahead of time. And then we made our way to Illinois State Beach Park.

Had been there once before and it had a different feel this time. The water was clear and clean with swarms of other beach goers and it was a perfect sunny day with no wind.

So we dragged our kayak to the beach to dock into the lake. No white caps, but there were high waves in the water and at times it seemed like it was pushing us in a circle. Whenever we moved like a feet we back tracked instantly.

And due to the high waves somehow as the front paddler in a tandem kayak I caused a large amount of water to accumulate behind me inside of my partner’s bag.

And the worst happened. While trying to dump out the bag of water that was sitting inside, since everything had gotten wet, the car keys went floating and rapidly sinking to the bottom.

I actually didn’t know what was going on. I was busy eating a pizza from home that all I noticed was my phone was pushed face down onto my plate and my partner dumping everything out of his pocket along with removing his belt and readying to dive.

Luckily, he caught the keys in time. I had thought for a moment the kayak would tip over, which sucks for me because I always wear a life vest and I’m not sure I would have been able to capture anything falling into the water.

So we thought, wooh, we dodged a bullet.

But, noooo way jose. The house keys sank into the water but neither of us ever saw it floating. No pictures were being taken on this crazed-filled trip.

We paddled in circles for awhile hoping to find but no luck.

And all my keys were inside the house back at home.

We called a locksmith so they could arrive at the same time as us.

But 1 missed phone call, caused a roundabout conversation with 6 people to tell us whether or not someone would be on their way or not.

We had to wait for like an hour.

We made it into the house even though we baked in the sun while waiting lol.

Fun times on a Saturday afternoon. 🙂

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  1. Ugh that sounds like a expensive lesson. Next time put everything in a front pouch, maybe buy water proof bag.

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