Growing Long Natural Nails

Reaching the ultimate natural nail length vs Acrylic nails

When I was younger I was a die-hard tomboy and then over the years my aunt would occasionally say, “Hey Brittany, what’s up with your nails?” Nothing was wrong with them I just never did much with them. I think in High School was my first attempt to get acrylic nails. The same day I had my nails done, I left to arrive home and right before I walked through to close the door my nail got caught. I had to spend the next week or so with a broken nail while working at Pet Smart. It wasn’t long before the others broke – and I decided I was done with that experience.

Fast forward to 2018 I gave them another try. Since I really do need to type at work it was so weird and awkward and they felt enormous on me. When it was time to get them removed it hurt because of how long they have to buff each nail to take off the glue. So at that moment I said I’m not doing this again and even better why don’t I just grow my own darn nails.

Well I did and they were really strong, but problem is I don’t like to go to the nail shop often so if a nail breaks by the time I get them done other nails have broken and I have to press the restart button.

Well as you can see in the picture above – they reached that length and a bit longer and now I’m on the journey again and hoping to maintain them as they really add a different look to my style. I’m still a tomboy at heart so I really have to balance being able to be active without the need of being danty with long nails.

Long natural lilac nails
Long natural nails as of today!

Does anyone grow their real nails and if so what do you do to maintain the length?

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