Happy Hour Turned Tim the Toolman Yard Worker

Alright, listen up! I’m not sure what happened over the past few weeks, but ever since we received all of the rain and I was still trying to determine what flowers would sprout from the property I bought in the winter time, I opted to not cut any of my flowers.

Well, that was a mistake because my yard turned into a freaking forest. I couldn’t believe it.

You would think, even though I walk in and out my house – right past the most visible area that shows the height of my grass, I would know my grass needs to be cut.

Well, apparently not.

Do you ever recall when you were younger seeing a small item of trash lying on the ground or a sprouting weed? But because you were little and lived with your parents, you said, oh my parents will get that. I don’t know…I obviously don’t live with my parents but I found myself doing that and needed to quickly snap out of it because HELLO I need to pick things up and take care of the yard, lol.

So – days went by because there’s no time after work when it’s hot and I have to come up with an idea for another video to film. And boy was it embarrassing. I began seeing people turning their heads while driving by as if they were shaming me – Dude – Fix Your Yard.

So I started the adventure last Thursday. I had a trimmer, cutter, weed wacker, lawn mower, lawn bags, rake and a hoe.

OMG guys – yes, a Tim the Toolman set for a Thursday yard work night.

I began cutting them down. And I saw the nosey neighbors, but pretended as if I didn’t because I really needed to keep working. This was not Happy Hour.

I continued cutting. But, that was just the front yard, mostly on the left side of the house and then I worked my way to the back but really it was a bit unbearable.

Friday came and I continued working in the back yard.

Cut, Mow, Trim and repeat.

Saturday – help was delivered and alot was done. Tree trimming, grass cutting and then it rained until we resumed a bit later.

But then the rest was left up to me and it was no joke. Getting poked in the eye from all the tall weeds.

I know what you’re thinking. Ma’am, it’s called buy a pair of safety glasses. Well, you know what – do you actually put your seatbelt on before you start driving, no. You wait until you see a policeman frantically pulling a seatbelt that won’t come out because you desperately needed it and waited to the last minute.

So yeah – I should have bought them but I keep forgetting because every time I go into Menard’s I have to play hide and seek with the sales associates because everyone hides away from helping a customer who really needs to find an important item.

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