How-To: Prepare for A Tenants Departure from Your Rental Property

Whether you are a rental property owner or a tenant here are a few important things to be mindful of before you move out.

Make sure property is in the same condition before you moved in.

I know it is always said to take pictures, but sometimes you may not have taken enough pictures or at least of the simplest thing that might cause a disagreement on whether or not the tenant is responsible if damage occurred. But having this handy backup reference is key to knowing what updates should be done upon tenant leaving.

Keep in mind of various utility, hardware and address changes that will need to be communicated or handed over.

Here’s a list of those items but list might vary depending on the additional responsibilities or access the tenant had:

  1. Communicate where to leave home key(s), garage door opener and mailbox key
  2. Ensure tenant has a new address to mail the security deposit check to so both parties have a physical record.
  3. Make sure tenant sets up a forwarding address so you won’t need to constantly resend mail back to the post office.
  4. Make sure all utilities have been agreed on a specific date for when they will be cut off and transferred back to the owner for new leasing.

Perform a preliminary walk-through to get an idea of the property condition unless you have also made frequent check-ups throughout the year.

This make it easier to allow the tenant to have time to straighten up anything you felt was not an issue at time of move in. Because ultimately who doesn’t want their security deposit back and I think being proactive in working with the tenant to ensure they are being adherent to your ask of property maintenance sets a good expectations of the condition you expect the property to be in at time of move out.

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