Vacationing with His or Her Family can be great or a Rocky Horror Show. And it got me thinking how many people experience this and what do they do?

Either way I’ve found that conforming to these tips has helped tremendously to keep the vacation fun and sane, lol! But would love to hear from you on what you have done? Submit your comments below.

  1. Lean on your partner/significant to be the mediator. Allow them to clear up miscommunication or to air grievances so you’re not the bad guy because they know better than you and the best way to sort out certain situations.
  2. Be helpful. I won’t try and cook because it seems everyone these days want to be the ultimate chef but I help out in other areas like volunteering to wash dishes and to put them away or even clearing the dinner table. That’s a sure way to earn quick brownie points. This way you don’t seem unhelpful but helpful enough where you are not in the way. You know the saying – too many cooks in the kitchen.
  3. Be more agreeable than not. There’ some things I don’t agree with like whether a news story meant a certain thing or not. But at times I find myself being more agreeable as in when I’m ready to eat or if I want to do a certain activity. Because, at the end of the day the less disagreeable you are the more likely you are to be favored for more family get-togethers.
  4. I consider myself to be very polite with a good memory and others not so much. Therefore, I always try to remember the last activity or latest update family members are involved with to ask them a follow-up update. And of course everyone loves to talk about themselves – then at least without realizing you come across as more caring and fun simply because you’re discussing a topic that matters to them in their present life.
  5. Join the Club. What I mean by that is – im not really a drinker so suddenly I found myself trying to figure out a drink I would like to involve myself in cocktail hours. Needless to say, joining the crowd in drinking socially, playing games and just being willing to join the crowd goes a long way. That way you don’t appear different, standoffish and better than.

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