Idea Creation: A Look at My Brainstorming Room

My mom, who’s been helping me get things off the ground along with my companion, knows how much I enjoy having a think tank space.

I’ve enjoyed brainstorming with people to come up with ideas at the many places I have worked. And for my new interest it should be no different. Welcome to my small work space where I really spend the quiet time needed to come up with ideas on my videos. It’s not much, but for me I’m sure like all small risk takers – a small office can pack a lot of punch and I’m ready to let my exploring mind lead the way in new ideas.

From a tripod, terrible lighting which I am working on to improve, computer and tons of scribbled paper notes, it’s all here. Only thing I am missing is a sign that ays BrittanyKnows so that it is etched and sketched in my brain he minute I walk in to the think tank space.

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