It’s a Friday Workday – Ugh Isn’t this a Holiday Weekend?

Now I am kidding about this one although my grandma called and said, Hey are you guys coming to visit for the holiday…I said, grandma I don’t have Friday off, lol.

Well, here it is Friday. All I can think about is the weekend and how nice it is and I wish I could just hang around outside enjoying the weather instead of being stuck indoors at work.

I mean come on, who doesn’t wish they were one of those people jogging or sun-bathing while you’re rushing to get to work and be in a room that is:

1. Too cold because the office is to cheap to use heat when needed,

2. Be around others in meetings that just only perpetuate the long dragging of a full day,

3. Feel teased by all the sunshine creeping in through the window with the hope it doesn’t dissipate when it is your time to leave!

Well, this is exactly how I felt going into work right before the elevator opened.

Step Right Up. You are 1 minute away from arriving to your desk

Ha! Boy, don’t you just love those elevator rides. They move fast shipping you up to your desk but when move slowly when trying to leave because now you have every floor to top on!

And hey, what do you know we decided to pay her a visit because I can use some de-stressing!

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