Keys Locked in Car While at Home!!

Well, yes that’s me creating a meme of myself because when I hurriedly plopped my handbag on the passenger seat and quickly closed the door I heard the car door lock because the key must have gotten bumped.

So – what did I do…? Yes, I, like most people at night who are hungry, take a walk to the refrigerator and keep reopening until some new magical yet tasty food item will appear for you to devour.

I went around all 4 doors and pulled the door handle, but no they are actually locked from the outside too, lol.

Then I pressed my face against the glass – gazing at my purse hoping I could beam a signal to be saved from this embarrassment.

But no I went back in the house and had to call my nearest family member to bail me out by bringing the extra set of keys.


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