Mid 90s Movie Done Right By Jonah Hill

The guy at Family Video said this movie was not good and that Jonah Hill is not a good director and this was his first movie attempting to do so.

But normally our opinion is always of the opposite so I figured I would rent it because it should be good.

Movie called Mid 90s and it took me back to the days except I wasn’t a skateboarder.

A young boy who looked to be the age of 10 to 13 had the crappiest older brother who would beat him for going into his room, manipulate him into stealing money from their mom.

The mom wasn’t much better because different guys visited the home. And sure she was looking for happiness but it didn’t help with the family image in the home.

Since the older brother would beat his younger brother, the younger brother found street guys that seemed cool because they skateboard.

They drank, smoked and cursed. The mom didn’t like the influence but being around them made this younger kid stronger, build confidence and become tough. Eventually even standing up to his own brother.

All the kids had different backgrounds: broken home, family pressure to excel, witnessed a close siblings death, and one had it appears only a fourth grade education or spoke like it despite being a a young adult.

This movie is slightly a tear jerker. Follows the main character, the young boy with an abusive brother, his journey in finding his way, fitting in and experiencing different situations he would have never had the exposure too.

I think we all go through that and even though it showed a struggle, a breakdown in their tight knit relationship in the end they all only had each other and I thought this movie was done very well.

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