Monday Rain! Ugh – I’m Going to Be Late Because I Now Have Nothing to Wear

I just want to say, don’t you miss the days back in school where maybe if it rained too hard there’s a chance you could skip? Or you were so little and tiny you nestled perfectly under any item your mom bought you to protect from the changing weather patterns? OR what about when it seemed much easier to not have to invest so much time in what you were wearing because you were little, a kid, who cares, right?

Well, it rained on us and I wasn’t aware of the rain coming. In fact, I had my outfit picked out the day before and was ready to march. set. go. when I woke up. Didn’t happen, had to quickly adjust which means – yep – I was now running behind schedule.

I had to do a messy bun look because as you know when it rains it is like a game of thrones in the parking lot – no one wants to be parked and drenched outside.

I did manage to cook up something good thank goodness!

Because you know that is what I have to do even more these days – turn my life into a Insta-worthy story. Mission accomplished.

The only thing that didn’t happen is a complete disaster because you know that comes with the monday mornings too, ha! And found a decent parking space.

Oh what am I wearing you might ask: rag and bone sweater, bcbg leggings and fur trim booties my mom bought last year from Carson’s. Alright – enjoy the made up look pics and enjoy your day!!

#Mondays #selfieshot

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