Movie Review: Runaway Bride-esque “Isn’t it Romantic”!

This movie was quite funny. Although lately, I think it has become a little tough to top some of the funnier Rom-Com’s from the 90’s, but this was slightly different.

So the scene started off with Rebel being a little girl enjoying romantic comedy movies. And the movie she was watching which is my favorite too, Pretty Woman.

I mean don’t you just love that song and movie too? Well, I was the only one in the room grooving to it, lol.

Anyway so her mom doesn’t like the fact she is so engrossed or believes any of the rom-com love fest would ever happen. Until she becomes an adult and she goes on and on about how much she dislikes them when she saw that her assistant was watching a movie at work, yeah come on, a rom-com MOVIE at her desk.

Well, the highlights of this movie was she was on a train and got robbed and hit her head while trying to fight off the attacker to get her purse back in her possession. She was in a coma for 18 hours in the hospital, but she did’t know this. So the entire movie was a dream where she woke up dressed like Julia Roberts and opening the keys to her apartment that was full of clothes and bright colors. Everyone was nice to her and no longer ignored her.

She had an office crush. Well this guy was crushing on her but she always thought he was ogling at the poster of Priyanka Chopra instead of her.

Well, it wasn’t until she took a stroll with him outside to figure out what just happened to her that he ran into Priyanka and they fell madly in love so fast they planned a wedding.

Well, right before this occurred she also met a man who she thought was of her dreams. And just so happened to be one of the clients she worked for as an architect.

He was unfortunately, you know, pretty and dumb. And she realized that her male co-worker who had a crush on her really had a crush on her all this time. But the funny thing is all this time she was living all of the exact moments and mistakes that take place in a rom-com. Slow motion running, breaking up a wedding at the alter.

It kind of felt like Runaway Bride.

She tried to have the wedding stopped, it didn’t work and fast forward to her waking out of her coma once she realized to love herself and then she became close with her male crusher.

it’s pretty funny. Not like non-stop laughing but it’s there, lol!

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