Movie Review: The Perfection to a Limbless Body

Another evening with nothing to do and Netflix is on the schedule to watch.

I didn’t see many good options floating around the millions of categories they have listed.

And that is when I found The Perfection.

The movie starts out a tad creepy with a squeamish woman gazing at another lady being honored for her music playing abilities.

When everyone breaks away to mingle from the speech given, this squeamish woman approaches the other lady to share her admiration.

Next thing you know, the two slept together and took a trip to another country. Except the woman with such great ability to play her instrument was served a spike drink that left her with hallucinations causing her to chop her arm off.

Come to find out – both women were taught by the same gentlemen who had given a speech the evening before and unfortunately raped them anytime they missed a musical note.

The squeamish woman’s reason for spiking the drink of the other woman was because she wanted her to see what was really happening and that she needed to break free from their teacher.

So they created this quite convincing plan that left me thinking huh – I didn’t know they were working together this whole time. And their form of payback was quite gruesome, leaving the man with all limbs chopped off, breathing in a respirator.

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