Netflix Movie Review: Annoyed Kind of Night – The Silence

Can you guess my mood by looking at this photo?

Well, if not here’s an idea – ANNOYED. I watched The Silence on Netflix. Thought it might be good because I am familiar with Stanley Tucci from other roles.

I don’t really think it was. I feel like there were things missing from the story especially the ending. I must admit like most movies we had to watch over 2 days because the movie seemed longer than it needed to be and we were ready for bed.

The movie has these aliens like Bats that are blind but they can hear. So you have to remain silent because out of nowhere they will come and you will die as there are many that storm at you all at once for the kill and to eat.


This family like others noticed what was happening around them and tried to hurriedly get out of town, trailing a friend behind.

Of course all roads were blocked so they took a side detour. One to ever know if that was a wise choice. Going in that direction caused their friend to avoid a pack of scared deers and drive off the cliff. He had to sacrifice himself so that his friend’s family wouldn’t get attacked. Eventually they found what looked like to be an abandoned house until a woman heard them coming through their gate and was innocently attacked by these alien like bats.

From the occasional injuries and silly gaffes made they eventually maddest through a bunch of individuals who found them wanting to attack. Not sure what these assailants represented, maybe the aliens bats.

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