A follow-up to our 2016 rendezvous after attending Riot Fest – we got it right!

I love Chicago! And over the years they’ve really improved the entertainment, landscape and the appeal for outdoorsy-adventurous goers to come. There’s so much to offer that if you don’t go you will never know. And really if you had a small budget you could still enjoy many activities without paying.

Our weekend there was split between various activities since again this was a make-up getaway since the last time riot fest left us quite muddy and antsy to return home.

Day 1: Opera Concert, John Hancock & Horse & Carriage Ride

We stayed at the Double Tree hotel along the magnificent mile. It was nice but our view was directly in front of the guest who would walk outside to enjoy a dip in the pool. So it was annoying because we had to keep the curtains closed but we didn’t spend much time inside anyway. Our first day we headed to the pavilion. The music is free and so relaxing and enjoyable. I recommend it. They started the program at a specific time – we arrived a little late with all the traffic but it last maybe 2 hours. Here’s a link to Pritzker Pavilion Schedule.

A different time we went they were playing all the Italian Classics you have heard of in commercials and movies and would be easily recognizable. Very upbeat – I barely moved. I’ve never been to one so it was quite cool. Neither of us had been. As usual we had a tight schedule – that is how I like to plan things so there is not a dull moment, ok.

Opera at the Pritzker Pavilion
Opera at the Pritzker Pavilion

Up next we walked over to the John Hancock – had a wonderful evening. The food was delish! And the view was nice. Then capped the evening with a horse and carriage ride. The ride took us around long lake shore drive with a view of navy pier and wrapped back around by the Water Tower where one of their main pick/drop off locations are located.

Day 2: Architecture Tour & Navy Pier

We were supposed to had a kayak tour to watch the fireworks but that didn’t happen because I purchased the coupon on Groupon and never activated my Groupon – ugh!!! So maybe we will try that again one day.

I’ve done the architectural tour quite a few times. But the thing is in Chicago they are always building so there’s always something new to learn from the different moderators giving the tour – they don’t all share the same information which is kinda cool. We did walk over to Navy Pier to watch the fireworks and at the same time they have a band that plays while you order drinks or food. Never seen that before either so it was really nice.

Day 3: Peggy Nobart Nature Museum, Fireworks an Air & Water Show

To end our final day we took at trip to the Peggy Nobart Nature Museum. I’ve never heard of it but its free, great information to read and they have a butterfly section – all very beautiful and enormous. Walking around I think we forgot or didn’t know there was an air and water show because we thought it wasn’t scheduled for that Sunday. Pretty cool we were able to watch. I didn’t think I would be that interested but once we got close to the spot where it gives the best view I said we have to come back next year. Also we ran into a statue of Abraham Lincoln. We walked all the way to Chicago’s Dog House for something eat. Food was pretty good. I loved the menu names one of them Snoop dogg.

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