Nosey Neighbor: Who wears a skirt cutting grass?

Ok before you go thinking, yes I wore a skirt. A flowy skirt that is so easy to pull up and off I would have a world record with how fast I can get ready to get outside to cut grass even though it is the last thing I want to do.

Here’s the thing I didn’t have any spare pants nor did I feel like wasting maybe 10 minutes to search when I knew I was on a time crunch to beat the rain.

So here I am cutting the grass – I do wave and or speak when I see people. But I’m also zoned out to get this done.

This time around I didn’t find myself being a spectacle when people drove by. Which was crazy because my neighbor literally drove in slow motion once until I would look up and wave. Then the 2nd time returning home drove extra slow up the drive way until I gave another wave…AND then the third time – which I don’t recall them coming out of the house – appeared with a dog asking if I was having fun. I answered abruptly and kept on mowing. The antics I tell ya!!!

I was just about done with the back when my neighbor says “Hey you, have you met so and so?” That hey you is like a little annoying but whatever.

I replied saying yes I actually spoke to him that day when they were working in your yard. Then the odd question comes, “So you will cut the grass yourself this year then right?”

My inner thought: Um how about forever, lol.

Then the last question: Well, I’ve never saw someone cutting grass in a skirt before. And I replied, well it’s easy on and easy off.

This day ended with pure silence and what felt like a strong long stare from the stoop…..Ayi ya ya!!

And BTW it’s the Red Hot Chilli pepper T-shirt that counts 🙂

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