Nosey Neighbors: Are you Sleeping on An Air Mattress?

Do you care if your new neighbor has actually moved in and hauled in furniture? Or maybe they have but because you haven’t seen it with your own eyes you think they haven’t moved in?

Well, I had a neighbor stop me in the middle of roaming around outside and say Hey! So have you moved in – I don’t remember seeing any move in trucks. What are you sleeping on – An air mattress?


Well, the answer is I moved in and have furniture. And a different neighbor asked the same question and I had to almost divulge what exact items I had because otherwise the hard stare at me while talking wouldn’t end. I suppose this is why I see a lot of people moving during the night time to avoid goofy questions like this.

But the funny thing is I’ve seen the first neighbor try to peep through my window while backing out of the driveway, which by the way you can see what I have in my living room. Now before you get any ideas. I was just sitting at my dining room table which is in front of the window – that’s how I know this to be true…No Really, It’s The Truth.

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