Nosey Neighbors: I Didn’t Know I Was Having a Yard Sale!

Let’s get right to it…this was quite a different encounter because I didn’t know I was having a yard sale nor an estate sale?

Yeah, that’s right a yard sale. After texting me to see if I was available for some burning questions that needed to be answered I was asked if I wanted my very nice, adult-like swing arbor that came with the house and is literally bolted into the ground, um yes. Do I want my tree slide that is built around my tree, um yes – there’s a reason why it’s there for when I have kids. And of course here it is ” Oh when are you having kids – we are great babysitters”. after today’s antics – never! And lastly, “Those bricks you have in your back walkway – I will take them too if you don’t want.” No, what in the world.

And then I know we had our little meet and greet when I first arrived in the neighborhood but I guess not, so here we go:

I’m 32. I have a Bachelor’s and a Masters. My dad lives with my mom. I work in IT. Whatever repairs you see or saw with the prior owners I already know about and will take care of on my own time.

These are all the things I had to share and answer to, during a 2 hour long conversation and not even half of it. Including shared gossip from another neighbor who said “Oh she doesn’t live there, she doesn’t even take the garbage out.”

Im convinced people just make up things to get more information from you.

I talked to my grandma since she has dealt with this before, but not on this level. If it works I’ll release a tip guide to keep nosey neighbors at bay, lol. 1 tip is if they mention anything about a window or any repair, ask if they would like to kindly pay to speed up the repair process. LMAO.

Now – I need some ice cream because I don’t drink like that and I don’t smoke luckily. Cheers!

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