Nosey Neighbors: Warm Baked Cookies & Overstepping Boundaries

Nosey Neighbors

Moving into a new neighborhood is exciting. You hope that the area is what you expected when you first saw the home before deciding to make an offer. Well, you move in and of course all the neighbors want to know who’s moving in.

I was welcomed and showered with yummy baking of cookies of all sorts: sugar cookies, walnut cookies, and M&Ms, just to name a few.

Needless to say my grandmother ate majority of them (again doesn’t help when you are trying to lose this holiday weight). Everyone was friendly and nice, I thought to myself, Oh wow I have the nicest neighbors. They even sent holiday cards along with a “welcome to the neighborhood” gift. I tried returning the favor by acknowledging all the neighbors on the block- one of them didn’t reciprocate, grrr.

But things took a turn when I was met with skepticism about how often I am home and whether or not my driveway was plowed right after it finished snowing. Even though I’m literally parked either inside the garage or on the driveway albeit purposely hidden but who cares! So now I have neighbors that literally watch or keep track of when I’m home yet they never seem to see me according to them….why should this matter. Why can’t people just go on with their own lives. Nice neighbors turned nosey to the extreme!

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