Open Wood to a Transformed Design Space: My Office WorkSpace

I had one day to take a less than interesting space and transformed into a lively occupying workspace. Otherwise I wouldn’t have had any other time to. The constant back and forth between stores and home was endless.

I actually narrowed my shop to just a few store as I didn’t have time to order let alone think about the design of the space but it came together.

I stopped at Home Goods and much to my surprise I found a few items I liked since it’s usually a hit or miss.

Firstly, the chairs were very important because I didn’t want a stuffy looking desk chair but my theme for everything is how to make it more colorful and fun. So I found this pink cutie. And as a plus I noticed a book holder, and some motivational display signs for the desk, which I had to have.

Somehow my theme was coming together without me even knowing.

Next up, another desk to purchase so that my space can be fitted for more than one individual. Luckily, I found the cheapest they had at Target along with decorative items from the Opalhouse collection and a throw rug – and let me tell you the choices are minimal. Only problem I didn’t know it would take me most of the night to put a desk together along with attempting to transfer files from a Samsung Galaxy to an iPhone XS. Too much going on at once.

Lastly, I checked out Pier 1. Mainly because they had a chair that would match the wood tone of my existing desk. And I needed some pieces to blend well with existing to make this space work. Luckily, I am not afraid to pair various pattern and colors together but it worked out well!

So funny because I instantly began to think much clearer on new ideas or task I need to complete.

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