Preparing for First Day on the Job

In your career, maintaining a good impression from the time of interviewing to starting your first day is crucial because it reminds them of the good decision they made to hire you.

I have shared 4 tips that are key to putting your best foot forward:

#1 Wear flats or Pumps

Often you are given a tour and depending on size of campus you may be required to put in a lot of walking time.

#2 Wear a blazer

Making a good impression matters, especially when meeting individuals of varied roles and backgrounds or even senior leadership.

#3 Wear cotton blouse

Staying swat-free is key, the last thing you want is to have a sweat stain at the wrong time on your first day.

#4 Wear little to no jewelry

You never know what they’ll have you doing on the first day, so avoid the worry of messing up your jewelry if you have to life boxes for a number of reasons.

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