Pt 2. My Completed & Full Book Review

I thoroughly enjoyed reading “Becoming”. It was fulfilling as it left me with ideas and questions to ponder, but most of all her joking and caring personality poured off the pages while reading her story. She took us from her childhood all the way to leaving the white house.

Her story shed light on her close knit family and her early observation of their neighborhood changing, which triggered her mom to have a talk with the principal to move Michelle up a grade when a teacher was failing to appropiately teach her along with a few other kids who were all more advanced and competed against one another academically.

One Note: I find it amazing to have read that they do have to pay for their own food and some other expenses since some of the food they ate such as sushi was flown in from overseas. I also got a chuckle out of reading that one of the staffers made sure Michelle received a copy of Jet magazine each month to maintain her sense of normalcy.

If you haven’ check out my more in-depth review to give you the highlights. I also show one of the pictures inserted inside the book. Be on the lookout for my next book review!

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