Quitting My Job? Why I Started BrittanyKnows

I had some people ask me why I started BrittanyKnows? What’s its purpose? Is this your full-time job?

Well certainly full-time effort is being thrown behind it but by no means would I leave a full time job with no research and development dollars to successfully build my business from the ground up.

I like my job, but someone’s passion and a dream, you try to nurture it because you never know what that itch could develop into. At the end of the day – when I was young I wanted to run and own my business. What business? I had no idea. But that question never left me. Same with wanting to visit Egypt, and instead of still waiting for really no valid reason I went ahead and went.

So I am taking the same Get Off My Butt and Go Do It approach to get the needle moving. I’m having fun – it is a little stressful.

But in the end if I never tried it I would never know what my full potential was or where this would lead me.

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