Reading Daily For Fuel: Never Split the Difference -Negotiation & Getting There – A Book of Mentors On Audio & Fashion Dictionary

Never did I thought I would become the few people I follow reading more than one book at a time with the actual intent to finish.

Well, here I am – I am that person. Because I need it. Not because I’m forced to and I guess I don’t have to either but I want to in order to drive my creativity and knowledge and help build my overall strategy.

You don’t have to have a business to be a strategist. It should be a given – it should be something you do no matter what. At least that is the notion I have always followed since I was in high school.

I think everyone has different types of fears that pushes them. Mine was fear of not being able to be smart enough to make it into college or better yet not be able to find a job after college.

The pressure was high for me in high school. Sometimes I think back that just now I am living the moments and life that I wish I could have more enjoyed when I was younger.

Not everything can be bought meaning sometimes you can’t always hire help you have to go out and learn on your own and then maybe when you do hire you can better know what that hire should do or not to effectively help you.

The books listed below are not listed in actual photo taken at home because I had to order these on audio to get moving but I also purchased the hard copy because sometimes it is just not the same.

I actually have 2 books I was already in the middle of reading and have not finished but one of them can wait because it doesn’t apply or help with my current need. While typing this one of the mentors mention you have to be able to pivot. I agree I mean I have to do that at work as a product manager but in life you must even though sometimes its scary or requires additional funding. But when you believe in something it doesn’t matter.

Fashion dictionary is added because I’m hoping to be more correct with some of my recent descriptions, ha. This book was bought by mom during college and never knew it would become handy NOW.

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