It’s never easy attempting to launch a business or dive into something so new and different from your normal routine; it can be scary. Also taking an exam is not as easy as it is riding a bicycle – not using for many years and instinctively knowing how to ride it.

I watched Kevin Hart’s movie Night School and I thought it was a great movie: 1. Obviously it was funny, and 2. Because it showed how someone who is so determined to fulfill a dream or goal wouldn’t give up no matter how many times they failed at trying.

My point is this same experience happened with my mom with taking her real estate license and I told her mom just watch Kevin Hart’s movie for inspiration and she did and it seemed things turned around and the gears started turning on what steps she could take to fulfill her goal.

Well, the goal was to take the first step in getting her real estate license and SHE PASSED!!!

So wonderful because I really need her help and guidance, because only she will know the best building or property I should buy and have my best interest.

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