It’s been a long 2 months going on 3 when the pipe leak occurred and I’ve been waiting for the insurance companies from my side and the condo’s to settle on an agreement for repair coverage.

But the thing is staying on top of people has never been more important than now. Not until I became aggressive and pressing the matter did I see progress.

Based on that here’s what I can now expect since they waited to give an answer while I was out of town:

1. If you identified a service master repairmen who will fix the damages make sure they send over insurance and certification records that lets the other party know they are certified to do the repairs.

2. The money you received from the insurance should be sent as a certified check to – in my case the condo property management. Otherwise if you own a home that you are renting out you will need to simply hand the check over directly to service master as a down payment and the insurance will be billed for the rest minus your deductible. And of course take a copy of the check before you mail it to keep in your records.

3. Make sure all contracts and authorization forms are signed while keeping any other parties informed.

Now granted I have to handle all of this while out of town and eDocs is not a widely used application so thank god I’m in a modern location with a Fedex Kinko’s handy!¬†Hopefully my next update will be the completion of repairs.

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