Rental Property: Repairs Complete & Back in Business

One of the most stressful things in life is seeing something you love, or are attached to in any kind of way harmed, destroyed or left vulnerable.

So when my place had a leak and I saw the affect water could cause it left me a little shaken and worried, not to mention slightly upset.

But in the words of someone else I heard say once after she was involved a minor accident, “That’s what you have insurance for”.

I hoped while in the process of getting it repaired people would still see the potential, but I’m not sure. This is why I am also happy my mom has her license because in situations like this, especially when it comes to someone selling the idea your home will be a great sanctuary and place to live while renting, you need someone you can trust who can communicate properly.

I’ve really learned a lot from this experience and look forward to the work we have ahead of us.

The below video is just a snippet of my excitement after reviewing the repair work!

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