Review: Captain Marvel

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Wow I was quite impressed with this one! I loved wonder woman but for this marvel superhero I wasn’t sure because of the actress chosen but it was quite good.

The angle they used for this story was interesting because Captain Marvel was a trained fighter pilot who then crashed on land from an attack and killing her instructor who was in the back passenger seat. While protecting the cosmic cube from being stolen – the cube exploded onto her and made her powerful.

She was taken under the wings by a later to be revealed enemy who went around destroying other families in the outer universe.

This movie is her quest to protect the cube. But little did I know her being the first superhero discovered on earth is when Nick Fury met her while working as a cop. He realized there may be others out there and formed the Avenger’s.

I will say however, I enjoyed the cat. He has a funny power of his own – gobbling all the bad guys up by eating them. The way the cat did it was quite funny. So yes you will get chuckles and laughs watching this film.

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