Review: Escape at Dannemora

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Talk about being on the edge of your seat – I was on the edge of annoyance.

This movie perfectly exemplified the stupidity and thoughtless actions that destroys ones life in a split of a second.

I’ve never heard of Dannemora, NY as I’m sure most hadn’t until we were all bombarded on the news by the zest to capture 2 escaped prisoners.

Surrounded by what seemed like a complete forest although searching the map online seemed not the case. Regardless, through all the trekking through the woods, these guys, as I had to researched this because I couldn’t understand all the sores surrounding their face – they received bug bites, blisters and abrasions.

No-one in this movie seemed to have a working brain and I get it, I guess if you are in jail you wouldn’t. The two prisoners eventually split up because there’s alway one jack-o. And that jack-o was surrounded by as you’ve seen on tv and on the streets when one is pulled over….20 cop cars, 2 helicopters, and what looked like the SWAT team.

He became sick after drinking water from a running stream but the funniest part was when he was with his partner he acted as if he had only 1 good leg but when he was chased to the final hour somehow that bad leg recovered and he could walk and run. He eventually got caught while hiding in plain sight and was shot, and I think he wanted this to happen.

The question I kept asking myself during the entire movie is why did these guys even bother escaping? They were literally better off in jail because they did not have the mental capacity to make it far outside of jail without making the same mistakes.

The more sane escapee was shot and caught just a few miles before reaching Canada. He was interviewed to piece this crazy escapee’s mystery together. Interesting fact – when he was with his partner they only walked 1 mile per day for a total of 21 days but without him he walked 18 miles in 2 days.

He did a dry run where he was outside of the prison to ensure things would go smoothly. Of course the investigator asked why not escape that night – why return to prison just to escape again. His answer was that he gave his partner his word because that is all you have in prison. Yet when asked if they were considered friends – he didn’t exactly say yes.

Good rental, interesting enough.

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