Review: Glass

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Usually any movie with Samuel Jackson, I’m like oooh I have to watch it. Well, I didn’t learn until after the 2nd attempt of watching this movie it had received a 37% on rotten tomatoes with other sites’ rating ranging a bit higher.

Well, this movie was a snoozer and a little odd because there’s 3 men who are supposed to be superheroes yet anything spectacular shown was not superhero like. Meaning I didn’t see any super powers.

I realize two other movies/pre-quals came before this and as I remember they were snoozers too.

If you’re a comic book enthusiast maybe you get this movie. I like comics and the Marvel and DC movies, just not this one.

Samuel didn’t have a super power just has fragile bones, Bruce Willis is scared of water and the other guy has so many personalities it’s a bit ridiculous. In the end after a woman captured them all I believe to run test – they each escaped because they all had a vengeance against one another and died in the end. Hopefully this movie series will end with it too.

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