Review: If Beale Street Could Talk

Hmm, what can I say about this movie. It was very good, relatable because of the story and message they were capturing. I did cry at one moment and I didn’t expect the storyline to be what it was and it’s fine because I definitely wanted to see this movie for some time and this movie well deserved the award it won during award season.

The story was about a group of black kids who were far enough away to witness but not be involved in a shooting-murder that took place during the day in New York.

In a rush to solve the case which by the way this movie took place during a time where racism was high and cops were more eager to place a black male in jail even for a crime he didn’t commit, kids were asked who did the shooting but was also forced to pin it on an innocent person. Two innocent kids went to jail for a number of years.

Separately, the main character was charged with rape and the woman didn’t know who did it but pinned the charge on him. His wife was pregnant and they were looking to move into a new place after meeting a jewish male who were one of the only landlords willing to offer a space for a black family to rent.

The entire movie takes you through the family’s determination to have him released from jail and prove his innocence.

A great movie that I recommend seeing.

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