Review: Little

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OK it was a toss up between Little and The Best of Enemies.

My brother chose Little. It was quite hilarious and even better the theater was nearly empty because we could make our theatrical funny noises as if we were at home watching.

This movie is hilarious and so glad to know that Marsai Martin is behind this movie.

This movie is about a woman who grew up to be sooo mean. No sure if it’s on the level of Mr. Scrooge, but she didn’t want anyone eating any carbs. This mean DONUTS – come on guys every office day needs donuts – it really makes grumpy people a lot friendlier in the morning.

Besides that, she became annoyed by a girl in the parking lot doing magic tricks, but little did she know this time her magic spell would work and force her back to being a kid who was picked on and laughed at.

She hated it even more so because she lived in this very nice house and drove a very expensive car so trying to still maintain her usual lifestyle was quite difficult when to everyone else she looked like a kid.

Her becoming “Little” all over again helped her see how she was towards others, but also allowed her to be warmer and open, especially to her assistant.

I do plan to buy a copy when it comes out on DVD because there’s life lessons/great messaging that this movie delivered. hl�9�K�V

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