Review: Shazam


I like a lot of the superhero movies so I will also be seeing the Avenger’s Endgame soon.

I didn’t want to see this movie at first because the selling point for this movie was described as a 13 year old boy being a superhero. I thought – hmm, not interested. Well, it was snowing randomly one day and I decided to give the movie a chance.

The movie was about a boy who lived in a group foster home. Didn’t want to mingle with the other kids but they all adored him.

This wizard sent a calling out to the universe to find someone who could take his place and fight evil. This kid found his way into this dungeon where the wizard was and the wizard asked the kid to take his powers. He didn’t want to but the Wizard forced it upon him and he placed his hand on this long winding stick and said the name Shazam and he became the superhero.

He had no clue about this superhero he turned into nor the powers he acquired but his foster brother did.

After spending time testing and experimenting to figure out the powers he does have he eventually met the bad guy he needed to fight against. I thought there were moments where it was a tad slow but of course when I walked out to make a phone call all the action happened. All the other foster kids (total of 5) were turned into superheroes and they all including Shazam saved the day. There was an ending credit and I don’t recall DC ever doing this but here’s for a new day of starting.

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